Oranier Stella Eck

Standard scope of delivery:

  • Separately adjustable primary and secondary air arrival
  • Air-flow handle
  • Standard external combustion air connection

The connecting piece for external combustion air

supply is not included in the scope of delivery.)


  • Tile  Bordeaux red, frame steel black
  • Tile Grappa, frame steel black
  • Tile Namib, frame steel black
Einzelpreis 3.899,- €

Technical data:

Energie Efficiency
Connection possibility rear
Operation with external air supply
Nominal heat output
7,0 kW
Weight (incl. packaging)  230 kg
Room heating capability
144 m³
Length of logs
33 cm
Exhaust gas mass flow 7,1 g/s
Exhaust gas temperature 240 ° C
Required discharge pressure 0,12 mbar